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Wolfe was a co-founder at Tinder and widely credited with boosting that app’s popularity on college campuses.She was fired in the midst of a breakup with Justin Mateeen, the service’s chief marketer.PHOTOS: Salma Hayek Shows Off Her Insane Bikini Bod at 48"I wish I knew [when I was younger] that I was going to fall crazy in love with the perfect man," she reflects.

It works just like other dating apps—users see pictures of other users, swipe right if they like what they see, and get matched if the interest is mutual.

With around half a million users sending 200,000 messages per day, it’s growing about 15% every week, Wolfe claims. While Bumble has not yet monetized and won’t disclose the details of its funding, Wolfe’s partner and major funder is Andrey Andreev, founder of Badoo, the multi-billion dollar European social network.

Their Austin-based office has only six employees—and five of them are women.

“It’s easier as a guy, you’re swiping and then just letting the girls take the next step.” Plus, he adds, “the women are so impressive.” Wolfe pulls out her cell phone, which is hot pink with a bright yellow bumble-bee decal on the back, and shows me a guy she matched with in Costa Rica, of all places.

Salma, who's been happily married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault since February 2009, admits to the magazine that she wasn't always this lucky in love -- in fact, she says she was "desperate" at one point.

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